Tournament Performance rankings

VT : VUT TM : TST-MSA FO : Fonteine PH : Peter Hangelbroek
SA : Sasolburg EA : Eagles BL : Broadland's HC : Heidelberg Club
CA : Carel's HE : Heidelberg ET : External LV : Laer Volkskool
WL : Word of Life HP : Henley Prep EL : Eligwa DR : Drie Riviere

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Final Average Tournament Performance will be calculated as the average of the candidates' best 5 TP's. The average TP of candidates who played less than five rated tournaments, is calculated as the sum of the TP's of the rated tournaments played, divided by 5. Only tournaments where all rounds were played, are used for the calculation of the average TP. See Selection Criteria (Eng/Afr) for 2011.

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